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Staff Directory

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First Last Email Title
Brian Arp b.arp@friendschool.org Art
Tressa Beckler t.beckler@friendschool.org Media Specialist
David Kraus d.kraus@friendschool.org Superintendent
Ben Dempsey b.dempsey@friendschool.org Secondary Principal
Alyson DIckinson a.dickinson@friendschool.org Elementary Principal/ Guidance Counselor
Michele Johnson-Clouse m.clouse@friendschool.org Business Manager
Kim Hulse k.hulse@friendschool.org Secretary to the Superintendent
Deb Segner deb.segner@friendschool.org Secretary to the Principal
Eric Hauge e.hauge@friendschool.org Science, Ag, FFA
Margo Houlden m.houlden@friendschool.org Family & Consumer Science
Jay Hitchcock j.hitchcock@friendschool.org Industrial Tech
Scott Kraus s.kraus@friendschool.org K-12 Physical Education, Health
Paul Martin p.martin@friendschool.org Social Sciences
Mary Niemeier m.niemeier@friendschool.org Math
Amanda Paredes a.paredes@friendschool.org Spanish
Jim Pfeiffer j.pfieffer@friendschool.org Math/Science, Athletic Director
Devin Rethman d.rethman@friendschool.org Music
Julie Ricenbaw j.ricenbaw@friendschool.org Secondary SPED
Jake Wiese j.wiese@friendschool.org English
Sadie Jones s.jones@friendschool.org Preschool
Abby Brandt a.brandt@friendschool.org Kindergarten
Kelly Kraus k.kraus@friendschool.org 1st Grade
Mikayla Baumert m.baumert@friendschool.org 2nd Grade
Liz Stutzman l.stutzman@friendschool.org 3rd Grade
Stephanie Svehla s.svehla@friendschool.org 4th Grade
Lori Vyhnalek l.vyhnalek@friendschool.org 5th Grade
Sue Eigsti s.eigsti@friendschool.org 6th Grade
Amy Wiese a.wiese@friendschool.org Elementary Resource
Clayton Moore c.moore@friendschool.org Life Skills/Resource
Kristen Sherman k.sherman@friendschool.org Title 1
Megan Kennedy m.kennedy@friendschool.org ESU 6 Speech & Language
Cheryl Perkins c.perkins@esu6.org ESU 6 Speech & Language
Michelle Schiffern m.schiffern@friendschool.org Nurse
Victor Beckler v.beckler@friendschool.org Para-professional
Chelsea Graves c.graves@friendschool.org Para-professional
Cortney Kenney c.kenney@friendschool.org Para-professional
Mary Kenney m.kenney@friendschool.org Para-professional
Lori Martin l.martin@friendschool.org Para-professional
Taylor Moore t.moore@friendschool.org Para-professional
Joyce Nickel j.nickel@friendschool.org Para-professional
Jon Schluter j.schluter@friendschool.org Para-professional
Cindy Stutzman c.stutzman@friendschool.org Para-professional
Judy Stutzman j.stutzman@friendschool.org Para-professional
Dawn Schluter d.schluter@friendschool.org Kitchen Staff
Alison Riley a.riley@friendschool.org Kitchen Staff
Mary Kay mary.weber@friendschool.org Kitchen Staff
Justin Kirchhoff j.kirchhoff@friendschool.org Head Maintenance/Transportation Director
Colleen Foote c.foote@friendschool.org Maintenance
Deb Hulse d.hulse@friendschool.org Maintenance
Suzi Johnson s.johnson@friendschool.org Maintenance